Pit Fired Vessels
Clay / Pine Needle Vessels
I grew up in Sweden where my passion for nature, the land and wildflowers began.  While studying horticulture in California, I was introduced to ceramics.  As soon as my hands touched the clay, I was hooked.  Moving from earth to clay was a logical progression. 

I was first attracted to pit firings and other primitive firing methods because the techniques were simple and immediate, and the results unpredictable.  The burnished surface of a pot marked by flame and smoke expresses qualities of softness, sensuality and earthiness that glazed work cannot achieve.  These methods add spontaneity and a unique dimension to my work. 

The need to create and build with my hands, combined with the need to experiment, is the force behind my work.  My work continues to evolve as I experiment with the many complexities of clay and with the surprises I receive, ceramics continues to excite me. 

My inspiration comes from various places and life experiences.  As an artist, I continually search for new and exciting ways in which I can express my true self.

Mia Auger

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